About 1 hour by car from Kyoto city. It is a house with a 200-year old the thatched roof in the village in the mountain. The host is the 7th generation eldest son born in this district. Since I was a 20-year-old trip to overseas, I was kindly told that I started agricultural inns with the desire to give back. You can harvest vegetables of your own cultivation as much as you like and eat it. There are two rooms in the tatami room, one room with two semi-double beds. On the second floor there is an attic, and a party is also possible. Kitchen, living room, shower complete. There are space for 20 people sleeping if you are sleepy.     Regarding meals, you can make it yourself. If you order, home cooking, party cooking is also possible. The fee is separately. We will respond according to your budget.     601-0531 Kyoto City Ukyo-ku Kyoku Uejikuri Machi Bullet 4 Telephone: 080-8327-3913 FAX: 075-854-0950 Opening hours: 8: 00-20: 00 No regular holiday      

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