Ishiyamadera temple

  It is a famous temple as the thirteenth gate of the Kannon Bunkyo Nishikoku Shrine, also known as Omi Hakkei "Akizuki Ishiyama", built on huge wollastonite (natural monument) nationally unparalleled I will. In the Nara period, Renbun priest based on the imperial prayers of Emperor Shomu is a base, Tohsa Shingon Budomu mountainama. During the Heian period, it was popular for Ishiyama to flourish and to join Kannondo and stay overnight.Especially Kiyomoni and Izumi ceremony depicts Ishiyamaji in the work and it became the stage of flowering of female literature.Among them, Murasaki Shikibu, famous as the author of the Tale of Genji, is said to have remembered the idea of ​​the Tale of Genji when he entered this Ishiyamadera and looked at the full moon of the fifteenth night.Even now, there is a space between Genji where formulas came.Famous saint Matsuo Basho and Shimazaki Fujimura are visiting this temple. In the precincts, it is famous as a cultural asset including the main temple of National Treasures and Taka Towa, as a flower temple such as cherry blossoms, azaleas and irises in full bloom, it is an inexhaustible temple.     〒520-0861 Ishiyamaji Otsu City 1-1-1 077-537-0013 8 o'clock - 16: 30  

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