Ozeki Corporation

"Ozeki" has been deeply involved in Japanese food culture through sake for more than 300 years since its establishment in 1711 (first year Masanori)."Ozeki" in Nishinomiya Imazu Township is an area suitable for making rice such as so-called "Miya" and famous "Yamada Nishiki" as sake rice, it is widely known as Nada's liquor.
In the Edo period, "Nada's descended liquor" carried from the port of Imazu using the sea route by barrel ship to Edo, along with the taste, was more fresh than the land, and it seems to have been useful as a very fine liquor.Continuing to inherit the technological training unique to Ozeki and hot feelings for sake brewery, we have reached today.

4-9 Imazukike Town, Nishinomiya City 663-8227

TEL 0 798 - 32 - 212 1 FAX 0798 - 34 - 5679

Business hours 9: 00-17: 00


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